Company philosophy



Our company philosophy


Our standards

As scientific palaeontologist, with long years of experience and a high-end professional background, we regard fossils as unique documents of natural history that should be treated with due respect. In our field campaigns, as well as in the preparation lab, we always work according to scientific standards.


Our guarantee

The fossils we offer our customers are original specimens. It is our goal to preserve as much of the original fossil and embedding rock as possible, so that valuable scientific information is preserved. Although we want to present our fossils in an  aesthetically pleasing way, the scientific importance is always our priority. If we are forced to make restorations or other changes to the original state of the specimen, we document this and keep this information available to our customers.


Our service

Additional information on all our specimens, including detailed documentation of stratigraphy, taphonomy and preparation, as well as certificates of authenticity are available to our customers on request. See also


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